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We assist you to remodel everyday problems into modern techy solution.We help the society by presenting cost-free cutting edge applications.


Over 40+ projects , 2k commits and real world contribution by CanWeBe


Free Products

We offer a Range of free software, tools, and resources to help clients achieve their goals. These may include software, tools, or other resources


Premium Services

Custom software development and consulting services for a fee. Our team has the skills and experience to help your project succeed.


Support and Maintenance

Ongoing support and maintenance for all products and services, including technical support and updates. Premium services may have additional fees

Latest Products

FlowFine image


User-friendly mobile app with PWA features for on-the-go task management and seamless team collaboration without lag.

SaITFeedback image


It is an all in one feedback application which bridges communication gaps in education.

PollDoh image


Create and share your opinions and polls with images. Choose your privacy settings and share your polls with friends.

SaITForm image


It is an admissions form application services of CWBEdu for form filling and processing to college db.

KeepKaro image


Now keep and share your important links, notes with friends. With feature like live editing, share, darkmode, etc

DailoSocial image


It is a dailylife journal and photo gallery app where we can store and share our blogs and photos with our friends and relatives.

Why Us

What make us different from others

Cutting Edge Tech

We use latest tech stacks for our projects. Most of our project is PWA , Which is future of web app and our developers are skilled in latest tech and tools.

type of
software we generally
build ?

We target general problems which occur everyday in our life. Most of our app solve these everyday life problems. We follow the motto " Tech for Good "


Cost Free Products

Most of our softwares are cost free and open sourced. Our app is easily accessible by general users with modern UI/UX and easy to use Interface.

What other people think about us !

I had a basic idea to provide tips to daily workers in my society,CanWeBe helped me convert that idea into a genius application that allows all the people of my society to contribute to this good cause.
- Varun Nayar
I always forgot my family and friends birthdays until I found Timeborn. With the help of Timeborn, I was not only able to track birthdays but also share generated birthday wishes and plan events.
- Rakesh Kumar
At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot of fake news spreading about the pandemic. It was very difficult to find authentic news, so with the help of SNewz, I was updated with the real and genuine news.
- Zakir Khan
I am an astronomy geek and, with the help of AstroData, I get astronomical pictures of the Day and Mars rover details for free.
- Abhishek Rastogi
With the help of SilentShare, I was able to share any documents, files, and photos securely without losing any privacy in the least amount of time.
- Nitesh Agarwal
I had many skills but never got a chance to work in a team. Here at Canwebe, I got a chance to work in a team by contributing to an open source project.
- Roshan Bhagat
While playing games, I was not able to check and know who was joining and leaving the Discord server. Now, Voicy informs me through a voice if any member joins or leaves my voice channel.
- Ravi Jaiswal

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