History of CanWeBe

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How we started

It was the time when I, Golam Rabbani, came to study computer science engineering at Sambhram Institute of Technology, Bangalore. On the first day of our class, I met with Kaushik Das, who became my close friend and Co-creator of our organization because we have the same interest in the field of work and also we are from the same state. CanWeBe Transformation


After 1 2 months, I started to learn programming. During that portion of the time, I learned data science, data structures, and web development Kaushik started to learn Android development. I had given many tests, earned certificates, built course projects etc. but never made an actual-world application on my own. After one year of learning different techs, One day Kaushik asked me to develop our website. I thought, yeah, I can practice my web development skills by building this. But after some discussion, we thought, let us make our website's not two single personal websites. After that, we started to design the mockup. We created the mockup between classes, and I showed the design and took feedback from one of my friends Shubham Raj, who helped us a lot in the design phase. After the procedure, I started to code the website because It was my first time doing that I was having difficulty. I realized it looks easy on the course, but implementing a new idea is difficult without practice. After three months, we finally finished the website, and yeah, it was built with HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, etc.

CanWeBe Desktop

Middle Phase

At first, CanWeBe was like a medium where we could showcase our projects. Still, after some days, we changed it to a software agency where we give our services in web development, android development, and videography. We did a couple of paid web development and videography projects in this phase. We started to learn more web development skills and apply them to our projects. After a couple of projects, I thought my skills were insufficient for a big production-ready app that is why I started to learn more advanced web development skills with modern tech.

Lockdown Phase

In this time phase, we are already equipped with the latest technology in different fields like data science, AI, full-stack, UI / UX, etc. In the event of covid 19 spread, our college got suspended, and we all went to our native places. During the first phase of covid, we were having problems regarding fake news, fake WhatsApp shares, not accurate death count, rumors, etc., so to solve this issue, we built a PWA news app with features like the latest news from different trusted sources, search information, works on offline, installable, under 500kb, etc. We release it freely to the public. At this time, also In our houses, all our little brothers and sister want to play a game and download it on our phones which will fill our phone storage, so to solve this, we built an HTML5 game store where they can play a game without the need to download. Like this, we were given projects related to the problem we phased in our daily lives. In this phase, we got our new members Subrat, Ganesh Tiwari, Shubham, Mohd Zahid, and Bishwa.

Current Phase

In our three years, we have practiced, learned, and done many projects, so that's why we are becoming the best in our field. We are shifted from a software agency to a nonprofitable organization where we deliver good quality software products. In this phase, we got our members Hirak J Kalita, Anish Tharu, and Rejaul Hoque, and we untied our link from some of our members because of inactivity.

During covid lockdown, Kaushik got some ideas regarding sharing in the printer shop. We didn't have that much skill to do that project at that time. But After the end phase of lockdown, we started to work on that idea. We finished that project only in 2 months. Still, we did not release it because we didn't release a product to society until it was not fully furnished. Due to the unavailability of our video editor, we finally released this product after a long time in May 2022.

Currently, on this day, we are working on some of our college projects, our primary tasks, and some handy tech tools for everyday life problems. We have an extensive list of future projects which we will do in the future. We got many paid projects, but we never accepted that we didn't want to build the same type of projects repeatedly. We mainly focused on new project ideas and published them to market to use freely.

And yeah, because we made our website three years ago with outdated technology, that's why now we rebuilt our website to a new modern full-stack web app with NextJs, Firebase, Cloudinary, etc.